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Bundled Liquibase Changes

Liquibase ships with a large number of refactoring/changes that can be applied to your database as well as the ability to write more through the extension system.


  • Property values are string except noted
  • Boolean parameters are defaulted to false unless otherwise noted
Entity Create / Add Drop Change
Table createTable dropTable renameTable setTableRemarks
Column addColumn dropColumn renameColumn modityDataType setColumnRemarks addAutoIncrement
Index createIndex dropIndex  
View createView dropView renameView
Procedure createProcedure dropProcedure  
Sequence createSequence dropSequence renameSequence alterSequence
Constraint Add Drop
Check addCheckConstraint dropConstraint
Default value addDefaultValue dropDefaultValue
Foreign key addForeignKeyConstraint dropForeignKeyConstraint
Not null addNotNullConstraint dropNotNullConstraint
Primary key addPrimaryKey dropPrimaryKey
Unique key addUniqueKeyConstraint dropUniqueKeyConstraint
insert update delete loadData loadUpdateData mergeColumns addLookupTable
sql sqlFile executeCommand tagDatabase stop output customChange